Check our professionnals solutions


Gold Service works closely with the professionals of the sector and with any intermediary to find “win-win” solutions benefitting each party.


  • Financial managers and intermediaries
    Your customers  want to invest in gold. Contact us, together we will find the solution for your customers.
  • Lawyers and notaries
    We will be able to respond and help for any queries on estate, inheritance and donation.
  • Jewellers
    Jewelry being the Bonnet family’s first business, we have a thorough knowledge of the needs of jewellers and we have therefore developed a special offer to control smelting costs or other stock surplus-related issues.
  • Industry
    You are an expert in your profession and as a result you may sometime have to deal with precious metals.
    We can optimise your precious metals processing with a turnkey service for processing, refining, recovery or quick payment of your waste