General terms and conditions

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General terms and conditions

General terms of purchase

The following terms govern each transaction between the seller and G&C France SA Gold Service company with their head office in Annecy (here in after referred to as G&C).

Statements from the Seller:

The seller declares and certifies he has full civil and egal capacity.

The seller declares to relinquish any emotional and sentimental value on sold jewelry, items and other valuables. He declares to be aware that these are intended for smelting purposes.

The seller has been informed that gold weight means unworked gold.



G&C assumes no responsibility or obligation to return the jewellery, items and other values and/or to pay any compensation in the event of false statement(s) or false disclosure of information on the part of the seller.

G&C reserves all their rights, including damages against the seller in the event of false statement(s) or false disclosure of information.


Purchase Conditions:

G&C does not buy fancy jewellery or items that do not contain gold. Non-gold Items will not be returned by G&C unless expressly requested by the seller. The Items will be returned at the expense of the seller.

G&C has no obligation to buy gemstones fitted in jewelry pieces, objects and other values sold. The seller may remove them at his own expense or request G&C to have them removed. In this case, stone removing costs will be deducted from the amount due to the seller.

If required, gems may be subject to a valuation. G&C is authorised to make a offer to the seller, who can freely accept it or decline it. G&C may have an valuation carried out by an independent gemmology laboratory to establish the nature of the gem. Valuation is carried out for and on behalf of the seller and at his own expense.


Certificate of Value:

Each transaction entitles the seller to obtain a certificate of purchase certifying the transaction.


Confidentiality - Security:

G&C will not sell or hire to third parties, names and contact details or credit card details and other personal data about the seller without prior permission, subject to the obligation for G&C to cooperate and collaborate with the police and legal authorities.

G&C may change its privacy policy at any time. 


Applicable law and place of jurisdiction:

This transaction is governed by the French law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Canton of Neuchâtel, appeal to the Federal court being reserved.


General conditions of sale

These general conditions concern primarily gold trading business, respectively precious metals, rare metals, etc...

(hereinafter the product) by the company to individuals or companies (hereinafter the customer), looking for investment opportunities.

This activity is carried out by the company under the GOLD SERVICE brand in its various branches in Switzerland.


1. Customers wishing to buy a product shall order it in writing to the company by filling out the order form. For that purpose, the

customer shall, where applicable, complete in full and accurately the identification form provided by the company as

part of the transaction submitted to LBA


2. The price of the product ordered is freely set by the company, based on the market price of the relevant metal updated twice a day

by the company. The indicative price of the order includes, in addition to the price of the product, administrative, seal, shipping and insurance costs as

fixed in accordance with the indications in the order form.


3. The indicative price shall then be paid as soon as possible by the customer. The company accepts payments by credit card or in cash

up to 25,000.00  Euros (twenty-five thousand euros) at its branches. For all transactions over  25,000.00 Euros

exclusively by bank transfer into the company bank account


4. The customer's order will be validated by the company once payment of the indicative amount is made (i.e payment in cash or credited to the bank

account of the company)


5. The company reserves the right to decline or cancel an order, and no compensation may be claimed, including if the

client has not completed the identification form in full and accurately or if the company has doubts on the information thus

provided or if the company has been legally instructed to cancel the order. Similarly, and if the price has not been paid within

one month from the signature of the purchase order, the company will have the right to cancel the order and charge the cancellation costs to the customer

(10% of the indicative price, up to €.) 1,000.00 (one thousand euros)).


6. Upon payment of the price, the company shall fix the final price of the product based on the market price on that day. If payment of the indicative price

is made after 3.30 pm French local time, the final price will be determined based on the price fixed by the company on the following working day.


7. The metal price that serves as a basis for the company to freely fix the product price, may vary between the order processing

and the final price fixing If the variation of the final price of the product (excluding administrative, seals, shipping and insurance costs), fixed on the basis of the market price

relevant metal price, does not exceed 1% of the indicative price, it shall be borne by/in favour of the customer. The company is not required to inform

the customer of this variation which shall not invalidate the order. The price difference must bepaid by the customer on

delivery of the product Otherwise, the company is allowed to withhold the product to be delivered until the price difference is paid. If

the variation in the final price of the product (excluding administrative, seals, shipping and insurance costs), fixed based on the relevant metal price exceeds

1% of the indicative price, the Company shall immediately inform the Customer who is required to adjust his order

by reducing the quantity of products ordered or paying the price difference. The customer can under no circumstances cancel the order and require

the indicative price to be refunded. Any amount owed to the company by the customer must be paid upon delivery of the product. Otherwise,

the company shall have the right to retain the product from delivery.


8. The company cannot guarantee the customer that the product will always be supplied. without prejudice to be claimed or

the order to be cancelled and will not entitle the customer to any claim If the product ordered by the company from their suppliers, is not available

the company shall inform the customer as soon as possible. The customer is then required to purchase a different type of product, subject to stock

availability or to wait for the product to be available again and no price difference will be charged to hi, subject to circumstances referred to

in Article 7 above


9. The product is exclusively delivered to any branch of the company. The company insured, at the expense of the customer, the product ordered

up to its delivery. Product may only be delivered against full payment of the final price. Otherwise, the company has the right to

retain the product from delivery and to claim damages.


10. The company shall be released from its obligation to deliver in the event of force majeure, including in the event of war or strikes. In this case, the order is cancelled and the price of the product (excluding administrative, shipping, seals and insurance costs) will be refunded to the customer within ten working days, by bank transfer to an account indicated by the customer or refunded in cash at any branches of the company, for amounts under  200.00 € (two hundred euros).


11. The customer is required to check the quality of the product as soon as delivered to a branch. If no issue or objection has arisen on this check performed with an employee of the company, the Customer will be deemed to have accepted the product as such and forfeit all rights to cover or dispute at a later time.


We, G&C France,  operate the online shop and services provided there. As such, we are responsible for the collection and the use of your personal data collected in compliance with the French law on data processing. Your trust is important to us, that’s why we pay particular attention to data protection and ensure their security, it goes without saying that we comply with the current legal provisions. For information about the personal data collected and their use, please read the following information.

1. SCOPE AND PURPOSE, PROCESSING AND USING PERSONAL DATA WE COLLECTI. When visiting or our online store, our servers temporarily store each visit in a protocol file. The following data are collected without any action on your part, and are stored and erased after 12 months at the latest. - the IP address of the original server - Date and time of the visit - the name of the URL of the visited/requested file - the website from which you reached our site - your computer operating system and the browser used - the country you are visiting the website from - the name of your internet provider (SP). The purpose of data collection and processing is the use of our online store, to ensure that the system is secure and stable in a sustainable way and to optimise our internet offer, and for internal use for sale statistic purposes. The IP address is only analysed in the event of an attack on our network on, or for statistic purposes.

2. WHEN CREATING A USER ACCOUNT Personal data entered to create an online account is optional. For certain information, data must be accurate and true. This concerns: - first name - last name - e-mail address - password. This information is essential for a proper functioning of our online store, to verify the information provided, i.e. for the base, the design and performance of the contract entered into via the interface of the user account. The email address and password are  Login/connection data. Online account data can be viewed and modified at any time by the customer. In addition, the customer may request his account and any collected information to be deleted.

When a registered customer connected visit the store, data are stored for statistic purposes and for a seamless use of the website.

We store in particular:- The way, the frequency and intensity the website is being used- The duration of your activity on the online store - purchasing behaviour

4. When buying
When you purchase an item on our online store, we need certain information for a proper service. In particular, the following information : name and first name - mailing address (Street, building, apartment, post code and location) - email address - payment details - Iogin/connection info for registered customers.
Additional information is optional. If you are registered and have an account, your data is saved for later purchase.

2. USING YOUR DATA FOR ADVERTISING PURPOSESI. Newsletter I e-mail advertising / Advertising Online when registering on or when purchasing on our online store, you have given your consent to the use of your personal data for commercial offers, such as receiving emails with general information or advertising content, and receiving personalised offers. You will receive our newsletters only upon your express request. When you subscribe to the newsletter, your email as well as your authorisation are stored for specific advertising purposes until you unsubscribe from the newsletter. We are authorised to mandate third parties to conduct advertising campaigns and we are allowed to send them your data for this purpose (see also Figure 3). If you subscribed to the newsletter, your behavioural activities are collected anonymously, to statistically determine the opening and clicking rates. If you do not wish this information to be collected,, you can at any time unsubscribe from the newsletter.

2. Tell-a-Friend If you use the "share with a friend" option, enter your first and last name and your email address. You can write a personal message. These data are used to send your message, and they are immediately deleted after that. It is your responsibility to ensure that the recipient has agreed to receive your message.

3. Online advertising sent to existing customers if you make a purchase via our store, your email address will be used to offer similar items. You can stop these messages at any time.

3. DATA TRANSMISSION TO THIRD PARTIES Your personal data are transmitted only with your consent, or in case of legal obligation, for example in order to assert our rights, including any amount owed to us as a result of the contract entered into. Your personal data is transmitted if required for the contract to be performed. For this purpose we pass information to shipping companies, banks, or other providers. They shall use these data as part of the contract only, and for no other purpose.

4. SOLVENCY CHECKS When the customer requests the payment on invoice for his purchase, we have the right to verify his legal domicile and solvency. For this purpose we use a database that  \statistically reflects the probability of non-payment. For this purpose personal data are transmitted, including your mailing address. It goes without saying that these requests are secure and comply with the relevant legal provisions.

5. TRANSMISSION OF PERSONAL DATA OVERSEAS Gold Service is allowed to transmit your data to third parties abroad, if required for the performance of the contract. These third parties are required to comply with data protection to the same extent as ours. If a country does not have the same requirements as Switzerland in terms of data protection, we ensure that the level of this protection is at least equal to the french level.

6. RIGHT TO INFORMATION, DELETION AND CORRECTIONYou can at any time request information on your personal data stored with us, and review or modify these data by logging in to your customer account. A formal request should be made in writing with a proof of your identification You can also at any time request your customer account to be deleted, or your data to be modified. Simply send us an email to We remind you that in this case you will no longer be able to use our services on our online store. Your consent to the use of specific data may be withdrawn at any time effective for future use. We remind you that legal provisions require us to keep certain data for an indefinite period. These data are secure in our system and exclusively used as part of our legal obligations.

we take every measure necessary, both technical and organisational, to protect your personal data from being manipulated or lost in full or in part, or from unauthorised access by third parties. Our security measures are constantly adapted to technological progress and are improved accordingly. When creating an account on our online store, you will be able to access this account with a password. It is your responsibility to keep your payment details confidential. We recommend that you always close your browser after any communication with us, especially if the computer is shared with other people.

For any question about the security on our online store or for any enquiry about your personal information or with to removal any data, please contact our officer in charge of data security, by email to