Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Gold-service?

Gold Service is positioned as the leader in the precious metals trading area. Five good reasons to choose us:

Qualified staff

Our employees are trained to provide as effective as accurate support and consulting services.

Local Service

We provide a local service on a human scale with over 22 branches in Switzerland and France.


Security is the guiding principle that governs all our transactions. Reliability and discretion are guaranteed whether in our branches or on our online store.

Attractive Prices

Our prices are adjusted daily based on prices fixed by London fixing.


Our expertise is the result of over 100 years of experience. We have been selling jewellery precious metals and over 400,000 customers have placed their trust in us since 1895



Is it possible to purchase precious metals on the Gold-Service website?

Yes, all our products are available on our online sale platform.


Are bullions produced by Gold-Service?

Gold Service does not manufacture these bullions. However, we work with the major players of the industry and we are committed to offering you the best quality. We have different varieties of bullions, ranging from 1g to 1kg. Each bar has a 999.9‰ titration, from Switzerland and Swiss quality. They all come with a certificate of authenticity.


Is Gold a safe investment?

Gold is part of the safe investments and traded for more than 2500 years. It has many advantages such as:

The yellow metal is used as an all-risk insurance in times of serious financial crisis. It is a safe investment and its stability reassures investors.

Gold is a protection against the currency devaluation. "Quantitative Easing" government policies inject huge amounts in the global economy which only results in currency devaluation

Gold is a resistant and solid material. There are different types of investments: bullions and coins.

Gold is a material that can be traded anywhere in the world.


Is Gold a seasonal metal?

No absolute rule can be determined for gold trading, however, demand may be seasonal based on the jewellery industry. But this is a global industry and local factors should be taken into account. The strongest demand stimulation for gold usually occurs on the second half of the year and thus boosts the price upward.


Can I sell Gold overseas?

Yes, the plus of gold is that it is considered an exchange money It can be sold in a bank or with any merchant trading in precious metals anywhere in the world.


Can I pay in Euros or in USD?

Yes, Gold Service accept EUR and USD. Our current bank exchange rate will be applied.


Is Gold subject to VAT?

Gold offers an attractive tax-regime and is not subject to VAT.


Which documents do I need for a transaction with Gold Service?

No document is requested for a transaction under CHF25,000. However, for amounts over 25,000, our business is subject to the FINMA legislation (Financial Markets Authority) and you will be required to provide information about the beneficial owner.


Is Silver a good investment?

Like gold, silver is a store of value, a cover against inflation and a protection against the economic and financial system. Differences between these two precious metals lie on their uses Indeed, silver is used in large quantities in industrial field, hence the extensive demand.

Its price has dropped over the past years, so experts advise to invest now. An increase in its value in the coming years is expected as a result of the growing industrial market.



How can I have my gold valued?

We rely on precious metal daily prices referenced by the London Fixing. Our prices are fixed based on the weight and purity of your gold.

Tests and valuation of your assets are completely free and carried out based on proven effective techniques recognised worldwide. Your items are weighed using scales weighing at the nearest 1/100 grams, certified and regularly checked by a federal agency.


Is there a withdrawal period?

No, once the customer has signed the certificate of purchase, Gold Services becomes the owner of the assets and the seller may no longer recover these items. Gold Service will enter into discussions if a complaint is filed against the seller and if the goods have not been molten yet.


Is a PostPack free and obligation free?

Yes, PostPack is sent free of charge


Is there any shipping costs for my Postpack?

No, everything is included in the shipping kit


Can I get paid in cash?

Transactions can be paid in cash up to an mount of CHF 100,000. Above this amount, Gold Service will pay by bank transfer.


Can I get paid in Euros or in USD?

Yes, Gold Service accepts EUR and USD.. Our bank current exchange rate will be applied.


What is the value of my assets?

My assets are valued based on the precious metal (gold, silver etc.) and alloy. Alloy varies with the titration of the assets.

Therefore, a gold bar will consist of 999.9‰ of precious metal while a 18-carat gold jewel will consist 750‰ of metal and 250‰ of alloy and so on for different titrations.

Your assets will be valued using the following formula:

"Daily Price X item weight  X titration”


What gold colour is accepted?

We accept any color as long as there are precious metals.



What are the opening hours to place my purchase or sale orders?

From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.


- Do I get a certificate for each order placed?

Yes, each transaction, whether a purchase or a sale is confirmed with a certificate sent to certify your ownership and summarise your positions with Gold Service.


How can I transfer money to purchase precious metals?

Just follow these simple steps:

Once your account with Gold Service open, we will send you the bank details to transfer money. You can also make a cash deposit in one of our branches in Switzerland.


What are the advantages of trading?

Fast trading with a company based in Switzerland, security guaranteed

A consultant available to help you

An investment guaranteed in physical precious metal

Lower commissions

No shipping fees

Outside the banking system

For further details or to arrange a personal appointment, contact us.


Can I recover ingots by selling my positions?

If you do not wish to be paid by bank transfer when you positons are sold, you may request ingots of your choice to be delivered. You will have to pay for the manufacturing of the items will bear the shipping costs as per the general terms and conditions.



Can I store my gold with Gold-Service?

Gold Service offers you a storage solution for your values. Your valuables will be safely kept in compliance with the highest relevant Swiss standards ensuring complete security and an insurance for your property.


How are my precious metals stored?

Based on our experience and on the feedback from our numerous clients, we have developed a service that best meets your needs. Gold Service offers the option to store your valuables.

Storage in a safety vault

Valuables are fully insured

Accessible on request

Outside the banking system (risk of bank failure)

Allocated storage

From CHF 50,000 of cumulated purchases


What will happen to my valuables in the event of bankruptcy of the company?

Gold Service provides a segregation storage service. Thus,your valuables are clearly identified and is not reported in the Gold Service financial statement. A complete protection in the event of bankruptcy of the company.


Can I include assets not purchased from Gold Service?

Yes, but they must be added to a purchase from Gold Service.


When can I come and inspect my assets?

A 4-day notice is requested when the owner wants to access and check these assets. Request can be made as many times as desired.


How will I be charged to store my valuables?

Invoices are issued on a semester basis and payment is requested in advance. No prorated billing will be granted.


How long does it take if I want to recover all my assets?

The time necessary to prepare all documents and a 4-day notice. No extra fees will be charged. You can cancel the provision of this storage service at any time.